Scrabble anyone?

If you haven’t guessed it yet from the Daily Word on the front page of my site – I like words. Naturally I like Scrabble too.

So I’m surfing the web the other day and notice there’s a local Scrabble group that meets every Wednesday at a local library. So I checked it out.

Big mistake.

I’ve got nothing against old folks but a double whammy of nerdness is a little too much.

I’m there not five minutes before the first one leeches onto me and starts quizzing me on the 94 two-letter combinations out there. Then the Q words. Etc.

Can you spell knob?

So I decide right there I’ll pass on the competive division (Yes, they actually have divisions of play) and play a few rec games against a few old ladies.

That’s cool enough until my two new best buds finish their game and come over to stare at my tiles and offer suggestions.

Too bad ‘Screw Off’ is two words instead of one.

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