Europe 2016

Following is my memories of our family vacation to Europe this past June 7-28 where we visited Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic . . . Tuesday June 7 On our way. Or not. Left home with our airport chauffeur Paul and thankfully realized almost immediately that Sam …

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The Last Five Years

Aline and I were married on this day five years ago. It’s amazing how quickly that time has passed and what’s transpired in between: selling our downtown condo and buying a new house. Countless little renovations to make the place truly ours. Two beautiful kids that haven’t yet learnt the …

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Quebec City

In honor of Quebec’s 400th centennial birthday, Aline and I, Hazel, and Aline’s folks decided to visit historic Quebec City and participate in the festivities. IMG_1767 Image 1 of 4 Our first day was a long, slow, six-hour ride to the eastern outskirts of Quebec City all the way to …

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