Speedster Sam

Raced Sam around the Braeburn block this afternoon.  He won. I thought I still had a few years before he was going to be thrashing me. Sadly no. he won fair and square. I had nothing left when we turned up Autumn Hill and he easily blew by me. Sigh. …

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Europe 2016

Following is my memories of our family vacation to Europe this past June 7-28 where we visited Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic . . . Tuesday June 7 On our way. Or not. Left home with our airport chauffeur Paul and thankfully realized almost immediately that Sam …

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We’re watching fireworks from a Fallsview hotel overlooking Niagara Falls and an impressive one shoots off across the night sky. Hazel – it looks like fairy dust! Me – it looks a ghost’s hand reaching out to grab you . . . Sam – it looks like throw up. Hmmm. …

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