Route de Draveurs

Aline and I successfully biked 84 km in total between Low and Gracefield Quebec along the Route de Draveurs bike trail with the kids. It took about five hours each day with plenty of rest stops for berry picking, grasshopper catching, water, snacks, bridges and my bum hurts!

Low points were a 10-minute rainfall the first day one hour into the ride and 5km of bugsĀ along the route around the Cranberry bog. Sam enjoyed counting the deer flies buzzing around my head and keeping me updated.

High points were the raspberry bushes which grew along the entire route, the lack of kids complaining, the workout we got dragging the kids and gear, our campsite in Gracefield, the rainbow we saw, cards at bedtime and storytime.

Route was excellent with breaks marked every five km or so. Sore points were the soft sand every now and then and lack of water stations to refill.

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  1. Good training for you. Now you will have to paddle our canoe for us!!!!

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