To whom it may concern,

KA has resided at XXXX since January 1, 2001 during which time she has dutifully paid rent in monthly installments and been a model tenant.

That’s the boring, dry letter of reference I could provide. But I like the following better.

KA makes great tacos. Shares fridge space well. Buys ice cream and Doritos on request. Vacuums the carpet and cleans the toilet. Tidies up constantly. Loads the dishwasher at night and unloads it in the morning. She has great taste in movies like ‘Soldier’ starring Kirk Russell. She’s not so good at watering plants but she’s great at crosswords and origami. She has a sense of humor.

KA rarely stays out past curfew and is good at leaving behind phone numbers of where she will be if she’s going to stay out late. She gives good though infrequent back rubs. Her sister gives excellent hugs. Her mother provides excellent phone conversation. And her dad provides free storage for bikes and winter tires.

KA stirs up excellent blender drinks. Makes an excellent hockey-watching TV companion. And she’s great at organizing events.

She will be sorely missed as a roommate.

But she’ll always be my very good friend.

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