Open Houses

Aline and I have been checking out open houses for about two years now. Mostly just to get an idea of what we like and dislike in a house. To see how much house we can get in different neighborhoods. And well, cause, we like to window shop in other people homes.

ImageIt’s been an eye-opening experience. As much as we like the convenience of the downtown core, we both know we’d like a little more room and space in our own home further out of town. Ideally we’d love to be in a stone manor out in the country but we’re trying to be realistic. East is cheaper. West more expensive. Aline wants a grocery store and library in walking distance. I want a mature neighborhood with tall trees in our yard. Westboro. Linden Village. CarlingWood. The list goes on.

One of the areas we’ve also been mulling over is Blackburn Hamlet – where Aline’s brother and family live. It’s only about 15 minutes away from downtown and has the neighborhood feeling we’re living for with all the amenities we want.

And there’s this one house we’ve gone to visit twice now that piqued our interest.

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