Opening Night

Wow. In my mind I was really expecting something to go wrong with opening night. I was dreading forgetting some lines, freezing up, having stage fright – something. I kept thinking back to last night’s dress rehearsal where I sang the stars verse instead of the corn verse by mistake and wondering if I would make a similar mistake all the while hoping I would have the foresight to fix it. I needn’t have worried. The only nervousness was the 30 seconds behind the curtain before my first appearance and the first verse of ‘Any dream will do’. I remember being on stage and singing that first verse too softly and thinking to myself, OK Steve, belt it out. So I did. And from that point I was OK and the show went quite smoothly. In fact, I almost wished I hadn’t told Aline not to come out to the first show because now I’m afraid what if it’s the best one?

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