Earl of Sussex 2016

Led this year’s pool pretty much from November onward. At one point midway through the year was leading in all but two categories. Decided to not worry about plus/minus so much and loaded up on 4-tool players who would get me everything included penalty minutes. Defence was stellar. Waited everyone out and got Dustin Bfyglien, Brent Burns as bruisers who put up the points. Also got Jon Klingberg for a dollar. Paid top dollar for Tyler Seguin. Got lucky picking up Patrick Kane for $36 after others passed on his legal troubles at the start. he ended up winning the Art Ross trophy by a mile. Got lucky with Brad Marchand and Brent Burns having a career years. As usual took the dregs of the goalies cheap and they did just fine. Thoughts for future – PIMs are easier to manipulate than plus/minus. Top dog defencemen who double up other D are killer. That’s probably what won it for me.

End result – my third victory in five years.


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