Aline came to visit around noon and stayed with me till around 8PM. I really appreciated that. Her parents came by to take care of the kids so we could spend a little time together. We talked. Did a couple of crosswords. And enjoyed a little kid-free time. As promised, doctors came for me around 4PM to operate. We joked with the attendants – how come Aline had to walk down to surgery when she gave birth but I got a ride to the operating room? (Apparently women are tougher.) Surgery was a success and I went into the recovery room at 7PM to discover I had a catheter attached to me and a 12cm stent inserted inside me to help drain fluid from my kidney to my bladder. Lucky me. Apparently it won’t be removed until July 13. Although the doctors promised me I could eat anything – the nurses disagreed and said I’d have to wait for breakfast the following day.

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