We have another winner

My hobby of filling out draw entries for any contest comes from my dad who faithfully fills out the newspaper entry forms and mails them in for every Toronto Sun contest he likes.

This weekend he got a prize-winning phone call for two tickets to a movie, a dinner and some gift certificates for a flower shop from the Sun which after the ‘hello, how are you and you’re a winner annoucement’ went something like this:

My dad: I love your newspaper. I drive 13 km every morning to go pick it up!

Sun lady: I really like you!

My dad: I hear that from a lot of women.

Sun lady: Now in order to claim the prize we do need you to answer a skill-testing mathematical question.

My dad: Whoa! I’m 63 years old! And I don’t have a calculator handy. Is it a hard question?

Sun lady: Well it is easier with a calculator. But I’ll help you out.

{Sun lady helps my dad with the question. Side note – my dad’s pretty good with math. Especially when it comes to money. He got the answer right.}

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