The Garlic King

Until this past year’s Christmas parade in downtown Ottawa, Aline and I had never heard of the Garlic King. But a guy who wears a purple robe, wears a crown and drives around in a minivan setup like a Popemobile is hard to miss.

And when he’s doing all this to advertise his Lebanese restaurant Really Lebanese Food, well, that’s hard to forget.

The restaurant itself doesn’t have much ambiance. It’s set-up in cafeteria style and judging by the lineup most people go for takeout and eat at home instead of staying. But the Garlic King himself works the till and keeps up a steady stream of conversation with his patrons.

Turns out I’m his brother. Aline is his sister. If we give him our PIN number he’ll give us a free meal. And since we were first-timers, he gave us a free appetizer dish. Aline tried a small kabob platter and I had the large chicken plate which included monstrous portions of chicken, salad, rice and a ladle of garlic.

It was enough food for four. Very reasonably priced. And the garlic – yum!

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