Random Hazel stories

Aline shared the following today:

With the really nice weather Hazel and I are starting to putter in the garden. Today I showed her a grub. Her reaction – “ooohhh look at him”… after two minutes of observation… “He’s kind of yucky”.

She kept asking me to pick up worms. I told her she could hold one if she wanted to. She told me to get her gloves. I explained that we didn’t have gardening gloves for her. She kept asking me to get her gloves so I told her that maybe this weekend we’d see if we could find some kid sized ones. She did eventually hold one in the palm of her hand but she wouldn’t pick it up, I had to place it there. Lots of fun!!!

I’m very lucky that Sam is so calm. I’ve been putting him in the car seat while I garden and he happily sits there until he has a wet diaper. Hazel is pretty good too but after a while she gets a bit bored and starts saying “Swing, NOW”.

Yesterday when I had her in her swing we were discussing her birthday. According to her, there will be a purple frog cake with pink icing on it. She will sit on the table and get really messy eating her cake. Lots of people will come. We then discussed my birthday. She said we’d have it outside too but I told her it is cold when it is my birthday and ever since she keeps informing me that “It’s cold for your birthday”.

After digging around in the garden last night I gave Hazel a bath then I put on the Czech Opus while I took a shower. Just after I stepped out of the shower I hear Sam start to wail and Hazel comes into the bathroom crying. I ask what’s wrong. Hazel – Sam’s crying. Me – Why is he crying? Hazel – cries even louder. Me (while trying to towel off and walking to where I had put Sam in the baby seat) – Calm down and tell me what happened. Hazel – I bit him. Me – Oh Hazel that wasn’t very nice. Where did you bite him? Hazel – his nose… then she burst into tears again … Poor Sam, I didn’t realize until later that she actually left a mark. His face was so read from crying I didn’t see it. Later when he calmed down you could see exactly where she bit him. She must have bit him really hard as he still had marks this morning.

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