National Youth Orchestra of Canada

Have you ever heard of this?

Didn’t think so. Neither had I. Apparently there’s a summer training program for aspiring young musicians called the National Youth Orchestra of Canada. This past year over 600 musicians ranging in ages from 14 to 28 from across the country auditioned for one of 92 positions in the Orchestra. They train for a month and then go on the road for a month showcasing free symphony concerts.

Very cool.

They played the NAC last night and even though Aline and I showed up half an hour early we thought we might not get in – there were that many people there lined up. They put on a really good show too. Can’t say the concert program of Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Matton and Debussy thrilled me but they did a good job of it. Debussy’s la Mer was my favorite piece. Nice melody. Good range. And if you closed your eyes your eally could see the ebb and flow of the ocean waves.

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