ImageWhile the shabby brick exterior of the former Papagus family restaurant looks exactly the same as it has for decades, the interior of the new Mystiko Greek Kitchen is now an upscale Greek food and wine bar. Black marble floors. Lots of glass. Square white china dishes. Dark wooden chairs. Dimmed lighting. Not really my kind of decor.

Fortunately they didn’t try to update the food. Classic Greek dishes still jumped off the menu.

For appetizers, Aline and I tried Spetchokofi which marinated Greek sausage with red and green peppers. And we also tried a a Saganaki Opa which was Kefalotiri cheese baked with butter and rum flambe. For our main meal, Aline had lamb Arnaki Exochiko which seemed to be a thick doughy pastry filled with melted cheese and lamb while I tried the more classic lamb souvlaki skewer with very flavorful rice. As usual Aline went with something more unusual and ended up liking her dish less. The meal also came with good bread and tzatziki.

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