Didn’t drink much over the weekend because of the pain experienced when urinating. Tried to drink as much as possible today and felt slightly better. Went to see my family doctor because of the nagging issues and to get a refill of my antibiotics prescription. She thinks the pain revolves around me not being the comfortable with the stent. I looked it up and all the things I’m complaining about are typical side effects:

  • The individual might feel an increased need to urinate.
  • The frequent need could also feel urgent.
  • Blood can be visible in the urine.After urination, the urge to urinate might not subside.
  • A urethral stent can cause pain or discomfort in the bladder or in the kidney.
  • Kidney pain is often felt in the back or on the side.
  • Certain body positions may be intolerable because they place too much strain on the stent

Lucky me.

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