Like a duck

Spent the August long weekend at the Fournier cabin in the woods.

Originally our intent had been to canoe out to an island and camp out there with the kids like lat year but in the end we decided to camp out in the backyard and canoed out twice around the lake instead. JG and I took the kids out fishing Saturday afternoon which mostly involved the two of us trying to unscramble lots of fishing line before docking at a little island where I discovered Hazel’s swimming has much improved.

In short-  she’s now a duck.

A month ago she was deathly afraid of putting her face in the water. Now with a life jacket she wants to go out in water deeper than her height and she doggy paddles around with little fear. Even swallowing a little water didn’t result in histrionics.

The evening camp out took a while. Sam fell asleep shortly after we started story time around 8PM but Hazel didn’t give in until closer to to 10PM. Party-loving revelers with civic weekend firecrackers kept her awake. I slept with the kids while Aline tried to get some better rest inside. (As a side note, our new two-inch thermarest mattresses did seem to provide more comfort but that may have just been the more cushioned grassy area where we pitched the tent.)

A second canoe trip Sunday morning was just as appreciated by the kids as was a good hour-long wade by the boat launch in the afternoon.

It was a restful way of spending the long weekend. I’m glad we went. So much so that we’re considering going again this upcoming weekend!

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