Hazel recounting a story

Aline and Hazel were looking through a number book today and Hazel saw some carrots on a page. Following conversation ensues:

Hazel: Carrots. Garden. Eat them. Wash them. Eat them.
Aline tells her that next year they’ll plant some.
Hazel: Plant some. Carrots. Plant garden. Eat them. Wash them. She then also tells Aline we should have tomatoes and corn.
Aline tells her we don’t have enough sun to plant corn but that we could buy them at the store.
Hazel: Plant garden. Carrots. Tomatoes. Go to store. Corn. Pay for them.

The wordings a little off but you get the idea. It’s pretty cute listening to her tell her stories. It’s also very cute that when she says wash them she rubs her hands together and nods a lot.

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