Flying Piggy’s Italian Bistro

ImageWe’ve been told a nice spicy meal can sometimes help a pregnancy along in its final stages. We weren’t in the mood for spicy but Italian at Flying Piggy’s Italian Bistro suited us just fine.

The soup of the day – somked tomato, peach and almond – sounded interesting so we shared a bowl but can’t say it really thrilled us. It was bland though you could taste hints of all three of those ingredients. Aline tried the lemon and garlic roasted chicken thighs and that was a winner. Especially the sweet potato, apple and fontina galette side it came with. I tried the roasted lamb rack with lemongrass paste and Asian noodle salad. Not so good. The lamb was nice and tender but the salad was unexectedly though purposely cold. I didn’t like the mix and I guess I should have gone with a more typical Italian meal. Tried a Pinot Grigio ruffino lumina wine and that was good. Crisp with hints of stawberry and pineapple is what sold me on it in the wine menu and it hit the spot. For dessert we shared a chocolate mousse cannoli that was fresh tasting though nothing to rave about.

Hope the baby enjoyed her supper too.

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