Explanation for the rise of Trump

Came across this in a comment section that helps explain WTF is going on in the US 2016 election.

The choice for POTUS is between Evil and Crazy. Evil has the ability to accomplish her schemes. Most of what Crazy wants to do won’t happen, (because of, the whole “crazy” thing).

The DNC rigged the Democrat’s selection process, so I don’t really blame the Democrats for having to vote for Hillary. Their other “choice” was Bernie, a publicly proclaimed socialist, who’d never run for office, as a Democrat.

The Republicans had SIXTEEN other choices, other than Trump, FIVE of whom were PERFECTLY qualified to be POTUS, yet REPUBLICANS nominated Trump. Republicans turned their noses up at McCain and Romney and stayed home on election day, which allowed Obama to become POTUS TWO TIMES. Had as many Republicans voted for Romney as voted for McCain, Romney would have won. Now Republicans are turning their noses up at Trump and will allow Evil Hillary to win.

People have the government they deserve. Democrats stick together and support the candidate who BEST represents their ideals/party. Republicans will continue to enable Democrats to win, as long as Republicans keep waiting for a political messiah to come along to represent their ideals/party.

I’ve always been an Independent and vote for whomever I think will keep the other party in check. I vote in Texas where Trump is a LOCK, to win, so my vote for/against either Trump or Hillary is a waste. IF your vote won’t change the outcome of which candidate wins your state, VOTE for Gary Johson, who thankfully doesn’t have a hope in Hell of winning. HOWEVER, voting as an Independent for a third party will give rise to a viable third party and will force the Democrats and Republicans to get their crap together and court those who’ll vote 3rd party.

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