Bye bye training wheels

Over the past month Hazel has started learning how to bike without training wheels.

At first she was riding on a 16-inch wheel bike with me running behind her up and down the street and holding on. That was going well but she could never reach the ground so I was always worried about starting, stopping and most importantly – falling.

Two weeks ago Elly figured it out and Danica as well and that was the push Hazel needed to get herself going so she could ride with them. But Hazel wanted to learn to ride without anyone watching so we went out a few times when no other kids were around so she could practice.

Last week we borrowed Elly’s old 12-inch wheel bike since it was lower to ground and that was the final push she needed to figure it out on her own. Almost immediately I was able to let go and she was able to stop herself. She still had trouble turning and starting but she could always safely put her feet down.

This weekend she wanted to try the 16-inch bike and she was able to do it no problem and she spent a good half hour practicing her turns.

The joy she had asking me if her latest turn was her best was great to see.

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