Potty Time #5

As told by Aline:

Hazel wanted to pee. Lately I’ve been saying that if she goes on the big potty I’ll let her flush the toilet. This works occasionally as a motivation and today was one of those times. I turned to Sam as we headed to the bathroom and asked him if he needed to go potty. He hustled his way into the bathroom and sat down fully dressed while I was setting Hazel up on the big potty. I pulled him up and took off his pants and diaper. He peed right away and stood up and pointed at it very proudly. Hazel flushed away her pee then we added Sam’s to the toilet and let him flush. I cleaned his potty put it down and he promptly sat down again. After some deep concentration and a little grunt he stood up and proudly showed me his tiny little speck of a poo. Hazel and I praised him and he looked very happy. We put his poo in the toilet and before we had a chance to flush he wanted to sit on the potty again. With red cheeks and another grunt he produced a little log. There was more proud pointing and more praise from me. Hazel rushed back into the room to see it before we added it to the toilet. Assuming he was done I reached for a diaper but I was wrong, he sat back down, more grunting, even more red in the face he produced another little log. We repeat the above, then he goes again for a total of 1 pee and 5 little poos. He tried 2 more times and pointed to the potty but there was nothing to be seen and he finally accepted that he was done.

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