Name that baby continues

So it’s been almost three weeks now and we’re still struggling with the right name for the new little guy.

Our top three names were Joseph, Thomas and Lucas. Aline and I like all three but none of them has really jumped out at us as HIS name. They all work in English, French and Czech. Joseph has a lot of family history on both sides. Thomas is one we don’t have any negative connotations with and Hazel is big on – probably because she likes Thomas the Train so much. And Lucas makes me chuckle when I think of how often I could repeat the immortal words of Darth Vader and tell the little guy to search his feelings some day in the future when he thinks I’m a bozo and he has to face the realization that I am indeed his father.

The funny thing is we finally sent off all our Xmas cards christening him with the name Joseph Thomas. But I’m not entirely sure it’s what we’re going to end up calling him. Today we’ve been calling him Sam, short for Samuel, another name that was on our original list but didn’t make the final cut.

When we asked Hazel to say ‘Hi Sam’, she tried but it came out ‘Hi Ham’ and then ‘Hi Jam’. We were eating supper so I guess she had food on her mind.

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