I’m bleeding

Hazel, Sam and I are sick.

Dry racking coughs. Runny noses. General unpleasantness. We’ve got it.

For Hazel, it’s her first time feeling not at her best and it doesn’t agree with her, She’s been clingy, needy and whiny. But there have been good times too. A while back she had a bleeding nose and ever since whenever she needs to blow her nose she says she’s bleeding. Lately the conversation has gone like this.

I’m bleeding.
I’m bleeding.

Tears and crying ensue if you ignore her. Eventually, we’ll find a hankie and pass it on to her to which she responds – No you do it.

Little Sam has been a trooper throughout. You can tell he’s stuffed up and been a little crabby but still, he’s been a peach in comparison.

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