Hazel has shown interest in trying out the beaten-up tricycle the neighbors gave us now that the weather has turned warmer. At first she could only go downhill and needed help with a good push coming back up the street. She got frustrated very easily and would stamp her feet …

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No more biting

As retold by Aline: Hazel was teasing Sam (which she denies) so he bit her. She left the room closing the door on her way out and told Sam he was in a time out then she went to her room. He eventually followed her and I heard her come …

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Little Olympian

Hazel likes to jump off the ottoman and she can jump pretty far. Today she started to jump after Aline put on the Olympics and turned it to ski jumping. After a few jumps Aline asked her if she was a ski jumper and from then on she would say …

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