Sun sets on Alberta PC dynasty

People vote for headlines, not policies. For leaders and brands, not local women or men. Mostly, they vote against the current bums, consequences be damned. And they hate politicians.

Is it any wonder then that after 40 years in power, the Alberta PC party was decimated, the outgoing premier resigned and the province went majority orange?

Sad state of affairs

Canada’s parliament came under attack yesterday from what appears to be a lone gunman, who launched two separate attacks within blocks of each other and then was killed. Although the main parliamentary building was full of MPs for weekly caucus meetings, no one was injured. The prime minister and opposition leaders were all reported safe. But a soldier standing guard at the nearby Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where the first shooting took place, died of his injuries.

Sad day all around. You hear about this happening elsewhere in the world smug in the thought that it would never happen here . . . and then it does.

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