Maple Syrup

Sugar Shack 2012 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 12 March 2012 14:01

Weather is not cooperating for a good maple syrup season . . . either too cold or too warm!


Date Notes

Tuesday February 21
Early thaw!
Friday February 24 Snowstorm! Cold snap returns
Friday March 2 After a cold week of nothing - a spring day
Saturday March 3
Aaargh! Cold weather returns
Wednesday March 7
A good day

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Tuesday, 22 March 2011 21:39

Last year's inaugural backyard sugar shack was a success so we're ramping up production for season two. We received 10 new buckets from Aline's folks as a Christmas present and we purchased five more of our own so we have 15 buckets ready to go this year . . .


Date Notes

Monday March 14
Sap starts to drip!
Wednesday March 16
Oh no! We burnt 8 litres of sap and the stockpot. Bummer.
Friday March 18 Flooding in our basement window well! Bailing every hour at minimum . . .
Wednesday March 23 Picked up new 12 quart stockpot to replace the one that was burned. $15 purchase
Thursday March 31 66 litres of sap collected. We had to give some away.
Wednesday April 6 Whoa! Season ain't over yet. Over Thursday and Friday as the temperatures soared and we hit new highs of sap collected - we ended up giving away over 200 litres of sap to Paul and Chris and Aline's folks as we couldn't keep up with the flow.
Sugar Shack 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 07 March 2010 14:20

Every spring, summer and fall Aline laments the amount of shade we have in our backyard and how poorly it affects the garden harvest. Well this year we've decided to embrace the trees and suck some of their life force out of them .... we are making maple syrup. Aline's folks had some unused buckets and spigots to pass along so we've tapped 10 trees in our first attempt.

Production costs and savings
Item Cost
10 buckets, lids and spigots Free hand-me-downs from Aline's folks
Salton double burner $22 sale price at Canadian Tire
Coffee filters Already on hand
Pots and containers Already on hand
Two 12 quart stockpots $38.13

Total costs to date: $60.13
Total savings to date: 3 litres worth of syrup = $30


Date Notes

Monday March 1, 2010 No production on first warm day. Just one teaspoon of syrup.
Tuesday March 2, 2010 First taste test of about 300 ml syrup!
Saturday March 6, 2010 Sunny. Family brunch with to celebrate homemade syrup!
Monday March 8, 2010 Oh oh, Wasn't cold enough last night. Sap production suffered!
Thursday March 11, 2010 Picking up new 12 quart stockpots today . . .